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  • Smart Energy Storage System in Thailand

    A smart energy storage system in Thailand has been commissioned successfully with Growatt's solutions (1 x Growatt PCS 100kW + 220kWh Storage Battery + 6 x Growatt SPA 3kW + 6 x Growatt 40kTL3-NS).
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  • Growatt 250kw storage system in TANAKEKE island, Indonesia.

    Growatt 250kw storage system starts serving local people in TANAKEKE island, Indonesia.
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  • Growatt SP2000 Storage System in UK

    Growatt SP2000 storage system helps UK customers reduce their electricity bills.
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  • 50KW solar hybrid system in Vietnam

    Growatt HPS50 inverter is used in a 50KW solar hybrid system in Vietnam. Growatt HPS50 is all in one solution with PV, battery, load and grid integrated. It is applied to commercial hybrid system, suitable for the place where is no grid network or grid power is not stable.
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