Make the MAX
out of it

MAX series

Commercial & Utility Solar System Solution

  • 6MPPTs
    and fuseless
  • Max. efficiency
    of 99%
  • Smart Diagnose
  • Type II SPD
    on DC&AC
  • BDEW and TUV

Small Commercial Rooftop System Diagram:

What Growatt Can Offers:

PV inverters: MAX 50-80KTL3 LV

Monitoring device: GPRS or ShineMaster (RS485)

Monitor Portal: ShineServer (webpage)
ShinePhone (App)

Online Service: OSS System

Growatt MAX LV series, up to 80kW with 400V AC output voltage, for system size within 500kW, no need extra transformer, MAX LV series is perfect choice for rooftop commercial & industry projects.

Large Commercial & Utility System Diagram

Growatt MAX series have 2 versions, the MAX 50-80KTL3 LV version with 400Vac and MAX 60-80KTL3 MV with 480Vac,
customer can choose according the project demands.

  • High Yields

    6 MPPTs, no DC fuse required, high yields but low failure rate
    Max. efficiency up to 99% , higher efficiency and higher production
    Smart cooling not only guarantee high yields, but also guarantee inverter’s lifetime

  • Easy to Use

                    The inverter integrated DC switch and type II SPD on both DC and AC side
    Compatible with both Y and Delta line type, Delta transformer is applicable
    Smart Diagnose and String monitoring make it easier to local the system abnormal

  • Easy and Fast Service

    Thanks to Growatt OSS system, the online smart service make the service more easier than ever,
    more than 60% system problem can be solved and debugged without on-site travelling,
    which not only save time but also save labour cost.

With Growatt, You Can Also Enjoy:

Powerful Monitoring Platform
ShineServer and ShinePhone are the new generation monitoring systems developed
by Growatt and freely open to our users.


  • Awesome display interface

  • Everything at a glance

Self-consumption & Export Limitation


  • Powerful cloud server

  • Managing wherever you are
    and whatever you want

Smart Online Service System(OSS)

  • Self-consumption monitoring

  • Support export limitation

  • Smart and Convenient

  • Save service time and cost

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