Growatt Export Limitation Meter

Growatt export limitation meter is one on one solution for grid export limitation. It is compatible with Growatt string inverters up to 50kW. With RS485 communication and direct connection to inverter, it is easy for installation and cost effective.


Leading - edge Technology

High accuracy measurement

Support RF communication with Raillog

Quick plug-and-play installation

Energy manager with ShineLink

Technical Parameter


  • Technical Documentation
  • User Manual
  • Product Certificates
  • Growatt Smart Meter Specification SPM TPM

  • Growatt Three-phase Meter TPM Quick Installation Guide

  • Growatt Smart Meter SPM Quick Installation Guide

  • Growatt Export Limitation Meter Guide-Growatt 3-50K TL3-S

  • Growatt Export Limitation Meter Guide 1-phase inverter

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